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Kent 5T Dressing Table Comb

Kent 5T Dressing Table Comb

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Kent Brushes has been renowned for its high-quality bristle brushes and saw-cut combs since 1777. Essential to any basic grooming ritual, the Kent K-5T Dressing Table Comb is designed with a long edge to provide effortless movement for easy styling. Made with cellulose acetate, the comb prevents static and lasts a long time for perfection. Ideal for grooming on a daily basis. 

Key Features:

  • Handmade and hand-finished.
  • Saw-cut, hand-polished, and buffed.
  • Flexible yet durable material.
  • Coarse and fine teeth help keep hair healthy.
  • Suitable for medium and thick hair.
  • Plant-based cellulose acetate.
  • Overall length 169mm.
  • Overall Width 29mm.
  • Teeth Length 16mm.

Made in England.

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