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Deejo 37G Ebony Wood / American Truck Pocket Knife

Deejo 37G Ebony Wood / American Truck Pocket Knife

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Hit the road with the Deejo 37g Tractor Trailer Series Pocket Knife – a tribute to the open highway and the power of the big rigs.

Crafted from ultra-light Z40C13 stainless steel with a sleek black titanium finish, this pocket knife is a perfect blend of functionality and road-worthy style.

The blade, intricately adorned with a detailed tractor trailer design through precise laser engraving, transforms this knife into a celebration of the trucking life. Experience both style and assurance with the secure liner lock system, ensuring your blade stays steadfast on every journey.

Designed for seamless integration into your daily life, the Deejo Tractor Trailer Series features an integrated belt clip, allowing you to carry this piece of road elegance with ease. The ebony wood handle adds a touch of sophistication, connecting you to the timeless allure of the open road.

Whether you're a truck enthusiast or someone seeking a unique addition to your everyday carry, the Deejo Tractor Trailer Series Pocket Knife is a symbol of highway elegance and precision. Cruise in style with this homage to the long haul. 


Material : Z40C13
Weight : 37 grams (1.30 oz)
Closed length : 11 cm (4.33”)
Open length : 20,5 cm (7.87”)
Blade length : 9,5 cm (3.74”)
Thickness : 0,9 cm (0.35”)


To slice meat, peel fruit or open a parcel, your Deejo knife cuts anywhere, anytime and always with elegance. 

Like any knife, your Deejo blade edge will wear with use. To maintain a perfect edge, it is advisable to sharpen the blade regularly. Your knife can be sharpened using a whet stone, sharpening steel or sharpening set. Be careful not to damage the aesthetics of the blade during this operation. 

SPECIFIC PRECAUTIONS FOR CLEANING: hand-wash your Deejo knife using a damp sponge, avoiding the abrasive side of the sponge. These Deejo knives are not dishwasher safe so by doing so you risk irreparably damaging the knife's articulating system. 

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