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Hibi Incense - Mimosa

Hibi Incense - Mimosa

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Hibi is a collaboration of incense from Awaji Island and matches from Harima, it’s an incense that can be used easily without an igniter. The palm-sized packages resemble a matchbox and can be easily portable for travel or to use at home.

The mimosa scent is a flower that tells the coming of spring. It releases a gentle sweetness that wraps around you, reminding you of twinkling sunlight.

Simply light up the match, wait for the flame to reach the incense stick, blow it out, and place it on the included burning mat. For approximately 10 minutes to 30 minutes, a soothing aroma will spread and linger.

Care instruction: Be careful when striking the match as incense matches are much more delicate. Hold it near the center when lighting the stick. If you strike too hard and it breaks or snaps in half, we recommend you light it with a lighter (if you're able without burning yourself), let it burn and reach the incense stick and place on the mat. Take the other "half" and push it together. The second half should be able to light.

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