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Book Nook Kits For Adults - Falling Sakura

Book Nook Kits For Adults - Falling Sakura

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This Robotime-Rolife Falling Sakura Book Nook is a DIY bookshelf decoration in the form of a  miniature house. After you finish building this artwork, it will take you to a romantic wonderland of cherry blossoms and immerse yourself in the beauty of traditional Eastern architecture. With the LED lights on, your bookshelf will look even more amazing! This complex project is suitable for adults, whether beginners or experts in DIY house making! Collect all the Robotime Rolife DIY Miniature dollhouses and create a miniature world of your own. 

  • Finished Product Dimension: 25 x 11 x 19 cm (8 x 5 x 9 inch)
  • Box Dimension: 23 x 31 x 4.6 cm
  • Materials: Wood, Plastic, Paper & Fabrics
  • Number of Pieces: 240 pcs
  • Included: Accessories, Brush, Fabric/Metal/Paper/Plastic/Wood, Manual, Glue
  • Required Tools: Glue (White & Silicone Variant), Rulers & Scissors, 2x AAA Batteries
  • Time to Complete: ~3h
  • Recommended ages 14+
  • FEEL THE SENSE OF FULFILLMENT: Have fun DIY crafting from coloring and stitching to assembling, and even re-decorating. It needs patience and dexterity, but it's not hard!
  • TERRIFIC GIFT & DECOR: A unique hands-on gift for any DIY lover or any occasion like Christmas, Mother's Day, or Birthdays. Beautiful designs make it an artistic home decor when finished.
  • GET MORE IDEAS: If you have more creative DIY ideas to re-decorate the kit, do not hesitate to do it! Adding your special touch to the work can always be more fun. 

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