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Amarena Cherries in Syrup - Fabbri

Amarena Cherries in Syrup - Fabbri

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Fabbri Amarena cherries in syrup are world famous demi-glacé cherries in a huge 1kg jar. The Amarena cherries are soft and juicy, with a pleasing sourness that balances the sweet syrup.

Amarena cherries are small black cherries that grow wild in the Italian cities of Bologna and Modena. They are commonly gently cooked and preserved in sugar syrup, then used as a dessert topping.

Pop a few cherries on top of a dark chocolate mousse or gateaux for a decadent dessert. The sour cherries are also brilliant with ice cream, particularly with pistachio or a really good vanilla. Or pair with a thick vanilla or Greek-style yoghurt for an indulgent breakfast.

This extra-large 1kg jar is ideal for catering purposes. A 600g of Amarena cherries in syrup is available for anyone who always wants to keep Fabbri’s famous cherries on hand. A smaller 120g jar of Amarena cherries in syrup is also available if you just want to try them out.

The Amarena is a variety of sour cherry that was developed by Gennaro Fabbri in 1869. His wife, Rachele, slowly cooked the cherries and semi-candied them. Gennaro liked them so much, that he bought a white-and-blue ceramic jar to thank her. Rachele had the idea to sell the cherry syrup in the decorative jars, and in 1905 the Fabbri company was born.

Ingredients: sugar, wild cherries, glucose syrup, water, wild cherry juice (4%), citric acid, flavourings, colour: anthocyanins extracted from plants

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