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Ants Softcover Notebook | Lined

Ants Softcover Notebook | Lined

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We ants laugh at your pathetic human existence, only around for 300,000 years and acting like you own the place. Ants have existed for ~168 million years and it’s estimated that our global population counts into the quadrillions. I’m sorry, did you think humans were number one? In what category exactly? Sure, you can build space ships and explore the molecular world but when it comes to terra firma ants rule supreme. I don’t mean to brag, but can you lift 20 times your body weight? Of course not. And sure you have cities and complicated social structures – so do we. Every day the few humans lucky – and intelligent – enough to study us ants learn that we are far more complex and organized than you thought. So go about your day doing all your “important” things, we’ll be here like we were before you and like we will be long after you're gone.

–Sincerely, Ants

ps: you should probably buy this print to celebrate what is clearly the superior species.

6.75" x 9"
Page Count
112 pages (56 sheets)
Paper Type College Ruled
Paper Weight 81 gsm
Binding Lay-Flat Softcover
Paper Composition Acid-free
100% recycled
100% post-consumer waste
Printing Soy-based ink
Origin Designed in Oregon
Paper milled in Japan
Assembled responsibly in China
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