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Mammoth Beard Oil

Argan Beard Conditioning Oil - Imperial Spice

Argan Beard Conditioning Oil - Imperial Spice

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Beard oil is all about presentation; you get a regal shine, the beard behaves itself better and most have a scent that accompanies the other benefits. Mammoth beard oil is formulated with only the best ingredients, to give your beard the regal look and feel that it deserves. Mammoth uses two different bases for the oils; Argan for longer beards, hazelnut and hemp for shorter beards.

Imperial spice is a wonderfully warm winter scent, with notes of baking spice.

  • Argan is ideal for long beards, while hazelnut and hemp is better for short ones.
  • Apply conservatively throughout the beard with the finger-tips. Use a Beard Brush for the best distribution.
  • Follow with matching beard balm to lock in moisture, and style the beard.

About Mammoth Beard Co. -  Mammoth Beard Co. is a local, Calgary based business focused on formulating beard care products with high quality natural ingredients and a special interest in creating unique scents that cater to a wide variety of tastes. The founders Lee and Lindsay have an entrepreneurial background that includes a history of formulating natural skin and hair care products as well as a professional background in aromatherapy and the safe use of essential oils. They hold strict values when it comes to quality ingredients, company ethics, and supporting local companies. Furthermore, they absolutely ensure that every single ingredient plays an integral role in the quality and effectiveness of the final brew.

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