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Clipen Pen

Clipen Pen

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CLIPEN is a design pen that works both as a clip and a pen.

CLIPEN is designed to be easily portable by slide-clip on paper or notes.  It also works as a bookmark when clipped on certain page of a book.

The design of CLIPEN is recognized by the world’s three design awards (reddot, iF and IDEA) and Design for Asia Award.


  1. Ready to use anytime, the pen binded on paper.
  2. The pen used by 500k peple around the world.
  3. Winner of three world’s grand design awards & asia design award.
  4. Hand-friendly designed to offer comfortable grip.
  5. Neutral ink to result in neat writing.
  6. Provides soft writing experience with a pen led made in Germany.
  7. Take notes & organize idea anytime you need to.
  • Ink color is all black
  • Write with 0.7mm point

CLIPEN is the design suggestion after the in-depth study of “pen users”.

There are times when the piece of paper is missing when you want to write with your pen, or vice versa. A pen cannot function fully to provide “writing” function alone. CLIPEN was made to offer convenience of the person who uses pen with respect.

The design concept of CLIPEN is ‘ONE+ONE=MORE (CLIP+PEN=MORE)’ Which means, two difference functions can be combined to bring out even more potential.

In other words, a pen and a clip was put together and it now has more usability than a pen and a clip.

Clip it on a certain page and use it as a bookmark.

Clip it on a note and the note will become your pen case. You now don’t need a pen case.

Clip it on paper money and make it your money clip, or seal your bag of potato chips with CLIPEN.

With more situation the user is facing, there will be more ways to us CLIPEN and we are expecting to see how far CLIPEN could go.


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