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Little Book of Vodka

Little Book of Vodka

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Little Book of Vodka: Filtered to Perfection

James Bond's favourite weapon of choice, vodka, is the soon-to-be crowned king of the alcohol market, following its premium gentrification. What once used to be the crude and rude Russian cousin of gin, is now the toast of upmarket towns and swanky city bars, arriving for the first time ever in all manner of flavours and celebrity sponsors.

The Little Book of Vodka is a large swig and glug of stats, facts, quotes, notes, icons, origins of all things vodka-based, from its eastern European origins to its latest reincarnation as every taste-makers' go-to mixer and chaser. This tiny tome is a complete compendium, your ideal companion as you wait in line at the trendy new bar you've always wanted to go. Vodka is back, baby, and it's worth a shot!

'I no longer know If I wish to drown myself in love, vodka or the sea.'
Franz Kafka

'There's no absolutes in life - only vodka.'
Mick Jagger

'Vodka is kind of a hobby.'
Betty White

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