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Little Book of Drinking Games

Little Book of Drinking Games

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Little Book of Drinking Games: 50 of the Best to Get the Party Going

All the drinking games you'll need for the perfect night out... or in!

Drinking is great, right? But not on your own. That's sad. Thankfully, The Little Book of Drinking Games is here to help you - and your friends - find an excuse to get drunk and let your hair down.

Jam-packed with more than 50 drinking games of all shapes and sizes, this pocket compendium will have you thinking, drinking and pint-sinking in no time. The Little Book of Drinking Games contains the best classic drinking games (that you're usually too drunk to remember the rules to), games inspired by your favourite movies and TV shows as well as a few games that are destined to become new traditions.

Ice-Cube Raft Race:

Just like the legendary pub relay, Boat Race, but on a much smaller scale.

Essential Supplies:

An ice-cube tray, shots of your favourite spirit and plenty of straws.

Borrow an ice-cube tray from the bar/your kitchen, and fill the compartments with a spirit or strong beer. If it's a tray with two rows of sections, all the better as one player can take the left side, racing another player who takes the right.

The idea is to drink each compartment dry through a straw, before moving on to the next one, and then the next, until all of the compartments have been emptied. Whoever finishes first wins and condemns the loser to a forfeit of their choice.

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