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Edible Flowers Bottle Garden Herb Kit

Edible Flowers Bottle Garden Herb Kit

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The 'bottle garden' range is what happened when we set out to create the easiest and most affordable way for city dwellers to try out hydroponic (soil free) gardening.

This is the product that launched our entire company via a Kickstarter campaign back in 2017 (can't believe it's 5 years ago already, and yes - we have a lot more grey hairs these days ;)

These kits make a unique gift for wine, gardening, food and plant lovers. They're also the perfect way for aspiring urban gardeners to have a go at hydroponics. Upcycle your old bottles into a practical and decorative self-watering planter. Great just to look at, even better when sprinkled on dinner! 

  • Edible Flowers - with Marigold, Cosmos and Zinnia
  • NOTE: This kit does not include bottles
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