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Bath Bombs - Lavender
Bath Bombs - Lavender
Bath Bombs - Lavender

Bath Bombs - Lavender


Large Handmade natural Bath Bombs with Essential Oils - 4oz each Lavender

Each Bath Bomb Individually wrapped with wax paper. Each Bath Bomb has a Individual scent Lizush label. Ingredients :Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, Essential Oil, seeds and buds 

And all our products are:

100% Natural Synthetic chemical-free

Paraben-free and no other toxic preservatives

Sulfate-free and no other harsh detergents

Artificial fragrance& Artificial coloring -free

Alcohol-free Phthalates-free and petro-chemical-free

Propylene glycol-free and PEG-free

Never tested on animals Do not contain toxins

Our goal at Lizush is to make you and your customers feel good

Made in United States of America