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Cinnamon-Regular Box 8 Sticks

Cinnamon-Regular Box 8 Sticks


Hibi incense sticks
A tender and agreeable fragrance that includes spicy sweetness.

Ideal for : invigorating low spirits and regaining a positive frame of mind.

Box of 8 incense sticks with a special stand.

The Hibi incense is used like a match, you won’t need a lighter… or matches.
A stick burns out in about 10 minutes.

Dimensions: 5.7 x 5.6 x 0.99 cm

Made in Japan

How does the Hibi incense work?

1 – Strike the incense stick on the side of the box, holding it by the middle so it doesn’t break, colored tip downward like a match.

2 – Still downward (the incense stick, not you), let it burn until the flame dies.

3 – Lay the stick on its stand, and let it burn out (for about 10 minutes)

4 – Enjoy its scent, you’re now relaxed and happy. Lie down, start a book, read a magazine, have a tea… In short you’re in heaven.

Avoid burning several sticks at once so the stand doesn’t overheat, and throw the ashes away once the stick is consumed, this way you won’t mix different Hibi fragrances.