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Frida Kahlo Notebook:Viva La Vida

Frida Kahlo Notebook:Viva La Vida

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Celebrate the life and work of an iconic artist with Moleskine's Collector's Edition I Am My Own Muse Frida Kahlo notebook. Known for her striking, insightful self-portraits, Kahlo summarised her process simply, stating, "I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best. The subject I want to know better." This bold, inspiring philosophy is inscribed on the cover of this notebook in expressive handwritten text, surrounded by the colourful flowers that were a trademark of hers. Presented in a yellow gift box, this Collector's Edition is a must-have for lovers of Kahlo as an artist and one of history's most significant women.

Reflecting her vibrant artistic approach, introspective nature and celebration of indigenous Mexican culture, Moleskine's Frida Kahlo series pays tribute to a woman who fought through injury and chronic pain to create striking self-portraits that resonate to this day. Each notebook features a quote from Kahlo, along with themed endpapers and a set of bright stickers including one with the famous quote, "Painting completed my life". The paper band's reverse side even features a Kahlo-inspired decorative floral garland to colour and make.


Limited edition notebook
Large - 13 x 21cm
240 pages
Plain layout
Features Moleskine History Inside. Expandable Inner Pocket. Elastic Closure. ribbon bookmark. Themed sticker set.
Designed in Italy


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