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Busy Bee Produce Bags Set of 3

Busy Bee Produce Bags Set of 3

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Keep your produce fresh while doing your part for the planet with this set of 3 Busy Bee Produce Bags by Now Designs. Patterns of bees and honeycombs bring nature to shopping trips, along with a touch of cheer from the bright shades of yellow.

  • Make grocery shopping waste-free with reusable cotton produce bags. A set of three different sizes allows you to fit a variety of fruits and veggies, while the printed bag tare guarantees correct weight.
  • Reusable, eco-friendly bags let fruit and vegetables breathe, drawstrings hold produce securely and tare markings aid in accurate weighing.
  • Bees and honeycombs paired with bright yellow add a pop of color and a touch of outdoorsy charm to your grocery shopping.
  • Lightweight, unbleached 100% cotton bags fold easily, so you can tuck them into a purse or drawer.
  • Machine wash on cold, then line dry for best results.
  • Now Designs is a collection of kitchen and dining essentials designed to celebrate and support the joy of living well. Reimagined classics and an abundance of colors and tones to appeal to every taste.
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