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Indy Coat
Indy Coat

Indy Coat

$149.95 $74.99

I'm a 55% Linen 45% Rayon jacket.

My soft and fluid fabric is especially nice to wear in the summer.

Wear as soon as the air cools!


I'd rather be washed by hand. Let me take a soapy bath in a warm water for five minutes. Then rinse me without twisting.

Give me a little steam and I'll be all smooth again.


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Bust: 58 cm/22.8 inches

Size: 22.5 cm/8.8 inches

Approximate length: 96 cm/37.7 inches

Hips: 53 cm/20.8 inches



Bust: 60 cm/23.6 inches

 Size: 57 cm/22.5 inches

Approximate length: 94 cm/37 inches

Hips: 54 cm/21.2 inches



Bust: 62 cm/24.4 inches

Size: 59 cm/ 23.2 inches

Approximate length: 95 cm/37.4 inches

Hips: 66 cm/25.9 inches



Bust: 64 cm/25.1 inches

Size: 62 cm/24.4 inches

Approximate length: 98 cm/38.5 inches

Hips: 67 cm/26.3 inches