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Le Marche Shopping Bag

Le Marche Shopping Bag

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Put style on your shopping list with Now Designs' Le Marche Shopping Bag, a chic take on a classic netted design in a fashion-forward shades. Inspired by the durability of the humble fishing net, the idea of these lightweight mesh shopping bags has its origin in the villages of Normandy, France. Their open weave design allows for some stretch, and it enables them to fold down into a compact size for storage. Incredibly versatile, several bags can neatly fit into a backpack or tote, making them ideal for larger shopping trips as well as quick visits to the local markets. Made from pure cotton, these stylish bags possess the strength and flexibility to safely carry heavier, irregularly shaped items.

  • 100% Cotton. Machine wash cold, line dry (shrinks after wash but will stretch back out) 26" x 12"
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