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Grow Frame - Emerald
Grow Frame - Emerald

Grow Frame - Emerald


Like a mini greenhouse for your houseplants, this wall-mountable shelf—with a built-in growlight (custom, full-spectrum LED lights), timed to turn off and on automatically, for year-round flourishing—is brilliantly designed to go anywhere in your home, even in small spaces like kitchen countertops. It keeps moisture locked in the way a greenhouse does, while allowing quick and easy access for watering or harvesting—say, if you’re growing herbs in your kitchen.

  • Glass with welded brass frame
  • Includes built-in wall-mount hardware
  • Outer: Length: 15.5”, Height: 15.5”, Width: 5.125”; Interior: Length: 15", Height: 14.5", Width: 4.75"
  • 92 CRI rated full-spectrum 8 LED panel rated for 50,000 hours of usage
  • Conformal coating for water resistance 
  • Durability eco-friendly
  • Low-power 3-setting timer with brightness control
  • Adaptor Specifications: Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz; 
  • Output: DC 9V 1500mA